Earthworker Energy takes orders for our premium hot water products direct from the public.

Request a quote for an Earthworker Energy Hot Water product, including our new-version high performing CO2 heat pump.

Save money, reduce pollution, create local manufacturing jobs and help the Latrobe Valley transition to a clean energy hub with hot water products & energy solutions “Made in Morwell”.

Heat Pump Hot-Water

Heat pump hot water systems provide all of your hot water needs cheaply & efficiently without the need for panels on your roof, or are the perfect compliment to solar PV as a ‘virtual battery’.

Featuring: a specially designed premium stainless steel tank, ‘Made in Morwell’ by the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (15 year warranty), coupled with a high-performing CO2 heat pump and user-friendly controller unit.
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'Solar Ready' Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Use our Premium Australian-made storage tanks for a range of solar hot water or hot water replacement settings.
‘Made in Morwell’ at our cooperative factory.

Our ‘Everlast Series’ hot water storage tank is a proven product. We use marine grade stainless steel for a 15 year warranty and to eliminate the need for sacrificial anodes. Our unique insulation and polymer outer casing make it durable, sleek, and easy to transport while providing outstanding heat retention (efficiency). We use recycled plastic to reduce plastic waste.
Solar Ready‘ – upgrade or replace a broken system with one of our tanks and upgrade it to a solar hot water system later.
We make a range of electric, gas-boosted, heat pump and hydronic tanks the wholesale market.
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Evacuated Tube Solar Hot-Water

Traditional roof-top arrays of highly efficient glass tubes collect heat from the sun to directly heat your water, with backup electric or gas boosting available.

These systems also feature a premium quality stainless steel tank ‘Made in Morwell’ by the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (15 year warranty) in a range of sizes. More info.