Solar Hot Water Rebates

There are a number of different government rebates available for installing solar hot water and heat pump systems in Australia.
Rebates can significantly reduce the cost of your new system – in the case of our new CO2 Heat Pump & Tank Package, by up to $3,000*.

We can process these rebates for you when you purchase a system from us.
Request a quote to find out the best Earthworker Energy solar hot water system for you, and discover what rebates you’re eligible for.

Alternatively, some customers like to claim rebates themselves:
Claiming your rebates for installing your new solar hot water system is a straightforward, but multi-step exercise. The government, in its quest to make sure that the rebates go to where they are meant to go, has created tight processes that must be adhered to if you wish to receive the money.
The plumber who installs your new solar hot water system can help you through the process – make sure you discuss this with them from the outset.

Solar hot water rebates available

  • STC* Rebates are available Australia-wide for the installation of approved products
  • VEEC* Rebates are available in Victoria for the installation of approved products in certain conditions (eg. upgrading existing gas or electric with heat pump or solar hot water)
  • The $1000 ‘Solar Victoria’ Solar Hot Water Rebate is available in Victoria for the installation of approved products in addition VEEC and STC rebates
    You may be eligible to claim 1, 2 or all 3 of these rebates, depending on your situation.

How to claim your rebate(s)

Firstly, own this process. It’s not hard, just precise. Make sure you check what documentation and photos you need from the start of the process, and do yourself a favour – take some geo-tagged photos of your current system now.

For Solar Victoria $1000 Solar Hot Water rebate

Follow the helpful step-by-step instructions at:

For STC & VEEC rebates

  • Download and complete a certificate and rebate assignment form from one of the STC/VEEC trading companies (eg. Greenbank, Renewable Energy Traders, Green Energy Trading, Hot Water Rebate, Trade in Green).
    Make sure you have read the form, and provide correct and accurate information.
  • Attach supporting documentation as required by the respective form.
    • For both STC and VEEC assignment forms, you will require:
      • Proof of installation in the form of Plumber’s Compliance Certificate AND Electrician’s Certificate of electrcial Compliance
      • Proof of purchase in the form of Invoice(s) pertaining to the supply and installation costs of the SWH unit
      • Proof of address (eg. in the form of Rates Notice or utility bill)
      • Photo of product serial number
    • Additionally, for VEEC assignment forms you will also require:
      • Geo-tagged digital photos on-site of:
        • the electric hot water service being replaced, before removal
        • the electric hot water service being replaced, after decomissioning
        • the new hot water service installed
        • serial number of new hot water tank
        • serial number of new heat pump/solar collector
  • Send the form(s) to the certificates trading company that you have downloaded the form from, and then they can process your payment.

*STCs and VEECs are tradeable certificates created when you install your new system. You redeem your rebate by selling these certificates through a registered STC/VEEC trading company. The number of STCs & VEECs your installation generates depend on your geographical location (rebate zone), and prices fluctuate day-to-day – both of these factors will affect the value of your final STC/VEEC rebate. The indicative rebate amounts provided above are estimates based upon a zone 4 regional installation at STC price of $36 and VEEC price of $50.

STC Zone Map

Eligible Earthworker Products

A range of Earthworker solar hot water products, and products from other companies which incorporate Earthworker ‘Made in Morwell’ stainless steel storage tanks, are approved for government rebates. These systems are listed on the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) REC Registry and Victorian Essential Services Commission (ESC) Registered Products list, and include:

  • Earthworker / Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump & Tank Package
    Model: ‘REHP-CO2-315SSEW-V2’ / ‘REHP-CO2-250SSEW-V2 under ‘Reclaim Energy’ brand
    STCs: ZONE 1 & 2 = 22 / ZONE 3 = 26 / ZONE 4 & 5 = 27
    VEECs available for Gas & Electric hot water replacements
  • Earthworker Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Packages
    See individual model listings under ‘‘Earthworker’ brand
  • Edson Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump & Tank Package
    (formerly Siddons Solarstream ‘Bolt On’ heat pump)
  • Various evacuated tube solar hot water systems sold with stainless steel tanks (and branded) by Apricus, NeoPower, SolarArk, Endless Solar and other companies – see individual model listings under these respective brands and make sure to request a ‘Made in Morwell’ Earthworker Stainless Steel Tank if purchasing a system from these companies.

The model number and name of the solar hot water system you have purchased will be on your invoice.