Hot Water & Energy Storage Products

We proudly design, manufacture and retail in Morwell, Victoria. Building worker-owned manufacturing and a better future for all.

Ultra Efficient Hot Water Products

Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Products 'Made in Morwell', Latrobe Valley.
Earthworker Heat Pump hot water system

Heat Pump Hot-Water

Heat pump hot water systems provide all of your hot water needs cheaply & efficiently without the need for panels on your roof, or are the perfect compliment to solar PV as a ‘virtual battery’.

'Solar Ready' Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Use our Premium Australian-made storage tanks for a range of solar hot water or hot water replacement settings.
‘Made in Morwell’ at our cooperative factory.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot-Water

Traditional roof-top arrays of highly efficient glass tubes collect heat from the sun to directly heat your water, with backup electric or gas boosting available.

Mobile Energy Storage Solutions

Your complete off-grid renewable energy solution, made in Gippsland.
Earthworker Heat Pump hot water system

Sustainable Renewable Energy Container - SREC

Your complete off grid energy solution.

Renewable energy container featuring deployable solar array, sodium nickel batteries and hydrogen fuel generator with closed system self recharging solution.

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Building a Movement

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is a proud member of the Earthworker Cooperative network.

Earthworker Cooperative is a grassroots response to economic inequality and climate change – building resilient and sustainable communities, one worker-cooperative at a time.