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Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Products made in the Latrobe Valley. Building worker-owned manufacturing and a better future for all.
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Earthworker Heat Pump hot water system

Heat Pump Hot-Water

Heat pump hot water systems provide all of your hot water needs cheaply & efficiently without the need for panels on your roof, or are the perfect compliment to solar PV as a ‘virtual battery’.

'Solar Ready' Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Use our Premium Australian-made storage tanks for a range of solar hot water or hot water replacement settings.
‘Made in Morwell’ at our cooperative factory.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot-Water

Traditional roof-top arrays of highly efficient glass tubes collect heat from the sun to directly heat your water, with backup electric or gas boosting available.

Building a Movement

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is a proud member of the Earthworker Cooperative network.

Earthworker Cooperative is a grassroots response to economic inequality and climate change – building resilient and sustainable communities, one worker-cooperative at a time.