Mobile Energy Solutions

Sustainable Renewable Energy Container - SREC

Your complete off grid mobile energy solution.

Renewable energy container featuring deployable solar array, sodium nickel batteries and hydrogen fuel generator with closed system self recharging solution.

Complete Off Grid Renewable Energy Solution
   Solar array, hydrogen generator, sodium nickel batteries

Hydrogen Self Recharging Fuel Generator
   No refuelling or maintenance, auto switch to generator

No Noise – Zero Emissions
   Generates quiet, clean, renewable energy

Rapid Mobile Deployment
   Compact, mobile & robust

Plug-n-Play User Friendly
   Auto deployment of solar panels, plug in & use

100% Recyclable, Non-Toxic Batteries
   Non-combustible, no air conditioner, long life sodium nickel

Cost Effective
   Complete off grid power generation for extended periods
Replaces fossil fuel generators

Modular Capabilities – Scalable
   Chain together to increase power capacity