Premium Australian Made Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative premium Australian-made hot water storage tanks use corrosion-resistant marine grade stainless steel for a long life, and come with a 15 year warranty. Ours are the only tanks available that use our distinctive patented recycled polymer casing, which acts as a 2nd layer of insulation – providing outstanding thermal performance, and making them famously sleek, rust-free, easy to transport and extra durable.

Choosing an Earthworker Energy hot water tank supports new energy manufacturing jobs in the Latrobe Valley.

Product Features

  • Marine-grade stainless steel cylinder for long life (no anode required)
  • 15 year full warranty*
  • Unique recycled polymer outer case
    • provides extra insulation & durability
    • reduces plastic waste
  • Range of models & applications – Electric, heat pump, hydronic, and gas or electric-boosted solar designs available
  • Solar Ready‘ – perfect for emergency hot water replacements and/or use with solar hot water systems
  • ValveCosy PTR Insulator included
  • Range of sizes: 160L, 250L, 315L, 420L
  • Available in Grey (100% recycled case) or Merino colour (15% recycled)
    • Cases with recycled content contain natural variation in colour/gradient
  • Internal heat exchange coils can be fitted for use with wet-back and water-jacket wood stove systems

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative hot water tanks are available direct, or as part of a range of solar and heat pump hot water systems from Reclaim Energy, NeoPower, SolarArk and others.

Warranty does not apply in areas of poor or hard water quality. Details here.

Tank Volume External Diameter Height
160L 620mm 1140mm
250L 620mm 1620mm
315L 620mm 1990mm
420L 700mm 1880mm

All Ports are 20mm (3/4″ BSP)

Sleek, Durable, Reliable