Experience the ultra energy efficient pairing of Earthworker Energy’s market leading storage tank and Reclaim’s world leading CO2 heat pump right now, with your new hot water system solution!

Our quality Australian ‘Made in Morwell’ stainless steel storage tanks lead the market in energy efficiency and sustainability. Featuring a unique outer-casing made locally from recycled plastic which provides extra insulation for your hot water, in conjunction with our thick internal layer of insulating material, you will never run out of hot water, no matter how cold winter is!

The world’s leading Reclaim Energy high performing CO2 heat pump is ultra energy efficient and whisper quiet, using environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant and comes with a user friendly controller unit (Wi-Fi available).

Pairing these impressive technologies provides our customers with years of reliable hot water and energy cost savings in their pocket! 

You too can enjoy these benefits PLUS the full 15 year warranty on our tank and 8 year warranty on the heat pump, wilst enjoying a more sustainable lifestyle.

Call on us to help you make the transition to a cleaner, more energy efficient hot water system today! Our team will happily support you through the government rebate process so that you can reduce your costs. GAS REBATE is now available.