By David Coote, Analytical Engines, ESEC & EEMC partner

Recently I did a Smart Energy Review with CoPower customer members Christina and Tom to help decide what they wanted out of their energy systems.

Christina and Tom started last year by installing a Earthworker heatpump hot water system.  This features a specially designed premium stainless steel tank, ‘Made in Morwell’ by the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (15-year warranty), coupled with the high-performing CO2 Reclaim heat pump and user-friendly controller unit.

Hot-water at the house was previously supplied by a rooftop solar tube system with an electric resistance booster. The hot-water system was the largest user of electricity in the home and was highly inefficient in months with low solar energy. The chart and table show energy savings from the heatpump over 9 months of ~2.5MWH. Estimated energy savings for a full year are ~3MWH (3000KWH). At the 25c/KWH offpeak rate Tom and Christina pay this is a saving of ~$750/annum. (When solar is installed at the house the heatpump can be set to run during hours when excess solar generation is usually available to slash bills further!)







 Through the energy review, I explored with Christina and Tom what they wanted out of their energy system. We identified short term goals were to:

  • Reduce energy use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Install rooftop PV
  • Install electric heatpump/reverse-cycle AC heating and cooling
  • Investigate temperature and house energy system monitoring and display
  • Consider battery/inverter capable of islanding so house can be potentially supplied during outages which their area is prone to after storms

and in the future if funds allow:

  • Purchase an Electrical Vehicle
  • Bidirectional charger for Electrical Vehicle for use in vehicle-to-home electricity supply

Starting with the house smart meter data, I undertook detailed financial and energy modelling and analysis of solar, batteries and reverse-cycle air-conditioning at the house.

I recommended starting with a draught-proofing and thermal envelope assessment at the house by Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative. This assessment is now complete, with draught proofing identified as the low hanging fruit for making the home more comfortable in winter and summer.  The assessment includes a range of DIY and professional draught proofing upgrades that will reduce energy use and improve the experience of the home.

Analytical Engines has supported Tom and Christina to navigate the confusing Solar PV market and connect to a reputable solar and battery installer. A battery/inverter capable of supplying the house during grid outages is a bit outside the current budget. The proposed system inverter is upgradable to supply during outages once a battery is purchased. And Tom and his partner are considering an addon to the inverter that can supply some loads during an outage via a plug socket on the inverter.

ESEC and Analytical Engines are currently working with CoPower on the Smart Energy Efficiency Identifier pilot project – click here to read more.

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